As experts in the world of corporate video production, we understand the challenge of producing a high quality corporate interview. On camera interviews may be difficult to accomplish with corporate clients as it may be their first time interviewing on camera, therefore requiring a lot of guidance throughout the interview. This process can become time consuming and costly.

But with a few smart tips and tricks, NYB Media can advise you on how to achieve your desired result, in any corporate video production.

Communicate the focus of the interview

Communicating the focus and expectations of the interview will create efficiency when conducting the interview. Before you and your team arrive for the interview, communicate to the client or interviewee what the goals of the interview are. Arriving for an interview without understanding the aim of the interview, or why they have been selected to speak to this topic could be intimidating for your client or interviewee.


Another critical element of ensuring a natural and informed interview is to share the questionnaire with the interviewee ahead of time. When they know the questions they will be required to answer, it allows them time to formulate answers, which will translate into a confident and comfortable interviewee. Disclaimer: do be aware of the over rehearsed answers. Every interview should still feel authentic and not scripted.


As an interviewer or someone who works in video production, you may already have an idea of what wardrobe works best on camera. Your client or interviewee may not be familiar with what types of wardrobe work versus wardrobes that cause technical challenges. At NYB Media, we suggest sending a list of options to clients and interviewees well in advance to ensure the ease of production. When making wardrobe recommendations, it is crucial to consider the backdrop, to avoid tight knit or elaborate patterns, and to suggest contrasting and solid colour options.

Establishing a connection

Before beginning the interview, it is vital to create a connection with the client or interviewee. A small joke, anecdote or compliment can lighten their mood and allow them to feel calm. If you can achieve this, it is likely that their answers will be confident and personable.

Complete answers

When conducting an interview, ask the interviewee to provide you with straight answers. This means they should incorporate the question back into their answer for context. Although you want full sentences, it is important to encourage the interviewee to speak in concise, focused sound bytes. This tip allows for the post production process to be seamless.

Slow and steady

It is important to maintain a slow and regular pace when asking interview questions. Asking easy questions in the beginning and more difficult questions towards the end allows for the interviewee’s comfort to settle in, confidence to exude and, as a result, capture interesting content.

All of these tips and tricks will help ensure the overall video production is high quality and meet your corporate client’s objectives.

If you are a business owner considering a corporate video, contact NYB Media, Toronto’s leading corporate video production house.