Whether it is your personal vlog, a corporate video appearance or a causal personal video, you all want to look your best in it. However, if you have not been in front of a camera for long, it can get quite frustrating and tricky to manage your camera angles, energy levels, expressions, and to look your best. Keep reading on how to look your very best in every video.

Confidence is the key

It’s natural to look nervous and uncomfortable when facing a camera, especially if it is your first time. Don’t fret. Confidence within emulates confidence outside. Feel and believe in yourself. Smile like you normally do and bring energy in your appearance.

Keep it simple, keep it single

If you can explain the concept to yourself, you can explain it to anyone. The trick is to practice explaining a single message in the most simplest fashion. The average attention span of any human being is not more than eight seconds. To appear interesting enough and make others pay attention to you, even after those initial eight seconds, is a craft. Always plan and practice a clear and quick message. Organize your thoughts and make sure you only give necessary details. Avoid jargon and technical terms.


Moderately and naturally smiling on a video is a great way to appear confident and engaging to a viewer. In real life conversations, 72% of people believe that people who smile frequently have higher chances at success and creating a great impression. If you are not sure how your smile looks or which angle or intensity gives the perfect pearlies, take a few practice shots then view the footage to see which smile looks the best.


Grab the attention of your audience instantly. There are many approaches to it. One of the most successful ones is a question and pain-point combination. For example, rather than saying, “if you want a to learn excel, contact us,” try saying, “have you ever struggled with creating a proper excel spreadsheet?” saying something compelling helps to grab the attention of the audience.

Prepare for your presentation

For a formal business video, if you are going to read off of a script, make sure to practice well in advance to avoid awkward pauses. Also, if you can follow a structured and point wise script it definitely seems more put together than just rambling off where the audience has already lost interest.

Dress appropriately

No matter how strongly we believe in not judging a book by its cover, it is a Utopian concept. If you want people to acknowledge your message, it is important to dress impeccably and wear the right kind of clothes that look ironed and well finished. Moreover, it’s natural to feel good if you want to look good. Experts recommend specific colors for specific occupations. There are a lot of detailed studies on what kind of colors suit which professionals and what impressions they give. If you want a winning video, it is something worth considering.

No matter how hard it is to feel comfortable on a video, it is a matter of practice and attitude.

These incredible tips are brought to you by NYB Media, a leading video company based in Toronto, specializing in corporate video productions.