A headshot is one of the most important marketing tools you can use as an actor or any professional. It is often your connections’ first impression of you, and that can go a long way when networking. It is time to take it more seriously and let a professional guide you so that a casting director or prospective client is excited to meet you.

A high-quality, professional headshot could be the difference between landing a job or not. Today, people see hundreds of them so an iPhone picture or Facebook profile picture will not cut it. Here are some things to keep in mind before when you get your headshots done.

Use a pro

A headshot is an investment you should not skimp out on. A trained professional who understands light and takes headshots for a living will know how to make you look your best. How many times have you asked your friends or strangers to take a picture of you while you were on vacation, only to have the image look nothing like you hoped? Probably too many times. Every professional knows how to work a camera and will make sure your pictures look striking.

Choose personality over glamour

It is vital that your headshot looks accurate, so do not go overboard with airbrushing. Casting directors and clients will expect you to look exactly like your headshot, so you will disappoint them if you do not. It is not about looking pretty but, instead, showcasing your type. It should look like you on your best day.

It is in the eyes

Your eyes should look focused, energized, and alive – not glazed over and dead. Think strong thoughts because it shows in the image. Sharp, piercing eyes with the slightest squint can bring a picture to life and help it stand out from a pile. An experienced headshot photographer knows how to bring this out in someone.

Consider the background, lighting, and framing

There should be no dramatic shadows on a headshot, and it should be shot from the chest up with adequate light on your face. The background should be blurred so that only you stand out in the image. Only a good, high-quality camera can accomplish this well. It should be all about you, not the environment you are in.

Studio vs. natural light

Some photographers will do both for you to give you options that have a different feel and look. Studio lighting is more polished looking and usually involves a neutral background. Natural light gives off a “film” look, which you might prefer if you want your headshot to look more serious and less casual.

Clothes and props

It is best to keep it classy and straightforward by following the standard format. Professionalism will get you noticed in a better way than desperation. Leave statement pieces at home and opt for simple, solid coloured clothing.

Less is more

Retouching can take care of imperfections, so there is no need to go crazy with makeup. You want to look like your best self effortlessly. Some people spend too much money on makeup, only to have to retake their headshots because they seemed too fake.

It is essential to find a photographer that gets you and can bring out your personality in a single image. Our extensive experience in corporate photography at NYB Media will ensure your headshots stand out from the crowd. Our photographs are always engaging and interesting, so you are sure to get the image that you want.