Customers like to see witty, engaging videos with clean graphics that grab their attention. Gone are the days of cheesy infomercials. The new digital age has decreased our attention spans and made us that much more critical of the information we consume. It can be challenging to get your message across a wide audience effectively and quickly. There is no formula for doing this, but there are some things you can do to make sure your video is seen and remembered.

Short and Sweet
People will spend just a few seconds deciding whether your video is worth their time. Make it an easy decision by keeping it short and getting to the point. Video advertising is often a roadblock to desired content for people. Have a short script because every second you spend on elegant wording is one more customer who just wants their content. Only 30% of users do not skip YouTube pre-video ads, according to The Next Web. Don’t waste time getting to your main selling point.

Use Humor
Humor gives viewers quality content that they will genuinely enjoy and avoids positioning your ad as a salesperson. It can effortlessly draw people in and give your message a chance. Consumers usually do not like obvious marketing or selling ploys. Merely telling them about a product and to buy it leaves a bad impression. Instead, get the same point across by emotionally connecting with your audience. Humor is also a great way to stay memorable in your consumer’s mind.

Focus on Pain Points
One of the main reasons people decide to purchase a product is because it solves an issue they are currently experiencing. This tactic is commonly used in medicine where a product is shown to improve symptoms of illness. Instead of using a gimmick, the ad engages users by presenting a problem and highlighting how the product can help. Positioning your ad as an informative and helpful video rather than a sales ploy will encourage more people to consider your product.

Use an Effective CTA
Once you can get people ganged with your video, it is essential to have a simple and compelling call to action (CTA). A good CTA lets the viewer know what they can immediately do to take advantage of the information they just learned. The build-up to the CTA is just as significant as the CTA itself. It is useless if you lose viewers before you get to deliver the CTA. Avoid phrases like, “there you have it” as the cue your viewer to clock away. Keep the CTA concise so that it is easy for viewers to remember it.

Don’t Skip Steps
A video as short as this has no parts that are more important than another. Don’t take shortcuts when developing the concept and seeing it through. Compelling videos are well-written and have the right visual and audio elements that correspond to the script to complete the video. Giving every part of your corporate video enough attention is crucial. Don’t waste this opportunity by having an excellent script but lousy sound or visuals. If any part of the video is lacking, the whole video will seem low-quality, making your brand appear less professional.