When shooting a corporate video, the wardrobe is almost as important as the script. Obviously, you have to keep everything and everybody looking presentable and professional, but there are a few rules you have to follow no matter what kind of video you are filming. Some items of clothing look great on camera while others don’t translate well. The type of clothing that people are wearing in your corporate video could make or break the message you are trying to convey.

When you are planning your next video shoot, make sure you lay out all the wardrobes beforehand and do some practice shots to see how well they look on camera. The following blog will highlight the kind of clothing you should avoid altogether and the kind of clothing that will look great on camera.

Clothing to avoid

Having a list of clothing to avoid should be your first step in deciding on your final wardrobe for your corporate video shoot. This will narrow down your selections which will make it easier to find the perfect ensemble to make your actors standout in a good way!

Fabrics that wrinkle easily

Fabrics like linen should be avoided at all costs because they can wrinkle very quickly. Having wrinkly clothing will make your actors look unprofessional and lazy, and the audience won’t really care what they have to say if they notice they are wearing wrinkled shirts.

Any shiny accessories

Accessories like buttons, cufflinks or tie tacks can create a glare or bright flicker when the light comes in contact with them. When the actor moves around, the flashes from the shiny accessories can be very distracting for your viewers.

Clothing that is too baggy

Wearing baggy clothing will make your actors look out of place, especially if they are wearing a baggy suit. It will look like they had to scrounge around their dad’s closet to find one of his old suits so they can appear professional but in reality, they will look sloppy and ill-prepared.

Tight patterns

Clothing with tight patterns (like stripes, checkered patterns, houndstooth, etc) may appear to vibrate while on screen. Not only will it be annoying for your audience to look at, but it will also lower the overall quality of your corporate video.

Colours like red, yellow, and orange

Wearing these colours will make it appear like they are glowing on the screen which will become a major distraction for your viewers.

Clothing to consider

Now that you have the list of clothing to avoid, here is the clothing you should seek out to create the perfect corporate video.

Wear pale colours and pastels

Wearing these colours will likely translate well when they appear on camera. This will give your shoot a more professional yet casual vibe! You can also get away with wearing earth tones like brown and blue, just do a practice run first to see how they look.

Bring a few extra ties

If your actors will be wearing a tie in your corporate video, make sure you have a few options on hand. Most ties look great when you see them in person, but some might appear different when they are on camera. Keep a few extra ties so you can easily change them out if you notice any problems while filming.