When it comes to advertising your company, issuing information for customers or staff, or even relaying safety features of your organization, a corporate video production often has far more of a positive impact than a brochure, letter, online article, or speech.  You may have attended meetings in the past where half the staff is struggling to stay awake and the other half are giving that glazed over look.  It takes a pretty enthusiastic speaker to hold attention, and often when you leave it up to staff or your intended audience to read, they skim over sometimes important details, if they bother to read at all.  When looking for a company to do some type of work, often a customer looks for an interesting name that will catch their eye and the phone number.  Many of the details leading to the customer making a good choice get lost in the bombardment of information unless it can be quickly and easily accessed.

With social media booming, it’s obvious that most of your customers are online, no matter which stage of life they happen to be in the midst of.  Not only do they connect with family, enjoy entertainment, and search for interesting pieces of news, this is one of the best ways to discover and make contact with a company for their services.  Your customers are far more likely to watch a 2-minute corporate video production than to read a 5-page article outlining the same information.  Keeping a customer’s attention and focus are key and a video can do this through sound, sight and by touching on their emotions.

Sharing videos are done with a speed that boggles the mind, but information passed hand to hand in paper format isn’t often done, and an online article itself doesn’t often make the rounds.  A video production company can ensure that your pertinent information will get to millions of people in a very short period of time.

Speaking of time, we all have the idea that we are running out of it.  This is another reason that both staff and customers alike will opt for the far quicker choice of watching a video to gain details then they will be to read.  Reading takes longer and it takes more of our attention while watching a video allows us to capture the important information quickly.  Think of the number of times that you started reading an article only to have to start over again when you’ve realized that you spent the last 5 minutes retaining almost nothing.

A very good writer can certainly impart a mood or feeling to their intended audience, but for the most part, this is far more easily done with the imagery available through videos.  Humour, sympathy and a rise to action can all be achieved with the use of certain words, facial expression, voice inflection, and background.  It can also be conveyed through the use of examples flashing before your eyes, the way that a written word can never communicate.


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