When it comes to your corporate videos, it can be difficult to make things amazing. After all, creating the perfect video requires that you not only film it correctly but that the content of the video is, in fact, interesting and something that people want to watch. While it is impossible to make yourself into a Hollywood director overnight, there are some things that you can keep in mind to help make your next corporate video stand out.

Keep it interesting

One of the first things that you can do is try to keep the content of your video entertaining. Avoid asking the same boring questions that are asked in every interview. Look for video content that can help keep your viewers engaged. Skip asking the simple questions such as who they are and what they do and instead focus on going further into what makes your subject special. A good rule of thumb is that if your question can be answered with a simple yes or no, then it is not worth asking. Ask more open-ended questions to make your subject open up and talk more.

Tell a Story

Along with making your video entertaining, telling a story can help you connect with viewers and bring a human side to the video. No one wants to watch an impersonal video. By taking the time to engage your viewers with a story, you will be much more engaging versus traditional corporate videos.

Talk about what you know

If you want to come across as genuine and honest, then talking about what you know will help that come across. If you talk about your passions that will come across in the video and help to make your audience care more about what you say. Your excitement will easily come across and will help draw your audience in.

Use a guideline, not a script

Like any good presentation, you want to keep things fluid and dynamic. If you are simply reading off a script, then that will make your content seem stale and unauthentic. It is recommended that you have some things written down so that you can ensure that you cover all the topics that you intended to cover. If you read off a script for your entire video, then it will be present in whatever you intend to do. For an interview specifically, it is better to be “off the cuff” then reading off a script.

Corporate videos do not have to be stuffy and robotic. They can be engaging and tell a story that will keep viewers interested and entertained. While corporate videos are something that has a message to get across, there is something to say about corporate videos that know how to be entertaining while still being able to get their message across. If you keep these tips in mind for your next corporate video, you will be able to not only make an informative video; you will be able to make an entertaining video.