When making your corporate video, there is a lot to consider. So many things go into a successful corporate video, and trying to figure it all out can no doubt be a daunting task. One of the most important decisions you’ll be likely to make concerning your corporate video is its theme. A theme is present in pretty much any piece of creative content. No matter what the format, there is almost always an overarching idea that ties every image and piece of the project together; corporate videos are no exception to this. Here are some of the most popular themes in corporate videos today and how you can use them yourself.
The “Day in the Life” Video
This popular corporate video theme is all about showing the daily routines of your company and what it is like to work there. This theme is especially popular with companies looking to make a video for a recruiting event, as it’s a great way to give potential employees a look at what working for your company entails. The best approach for this theme is to pick an employee of yours that isn’t camera shy and film them as they go about their work day. Have them narrate their day and talk about what it is they like about working at your company.
The “How it’s Made” Video
This is a great theme idea for a corporate video based around marketing and promoting your company’s product. Showing the process involved in producing your product is a great way to help potential customers appreciate the quality of your product and any quality craftsmanship that goes into making it. Be careful not to reveal too much though, you don’t want any of your competition to know too much about how you make your superior product.
The “Before and After” Video
Ideal for a company project, this theme is great for showing how well your employees work together as a team and how your company tackles a project head on. The idea here is to first shoot footage during the initial planning stages of your company project in which you interview employees about their vision for the project and what they hope to accomplish, and then to shoot footage once the project is completed so you can show how the team’s vision came true and show off the results.
The “Company Story” Video
This theme is great for a general overview of your company and how it got started. A well-made video that goes into the past and explores your company’s roots is going to be insightful for not only potential customers and business partners, but also for your own employees too. Understanding a company leads to a bigger interest in that company and is therefore a great way to boost interest in your company’s products and services.
The “Award-winning Employee” Video
Another great theme for recruitment videos, this theme revolves around interviewing an employee that has won an award and getting them to talk about why they won that award and how your company made it possible. It’s a great way to spark interest in your company’s employment opportunities.
These are just a handful of the many corporate video themes out there that can help your company in countless ways. Now that you know a bit more about the best themes, it’s time to start planning your next corporate video!