Are you tired of looking stiff whenever you’re on camera? You might have been told repeatedly to relax and be yourself but that makes you stiffer. It can be incredibly difficult to look natural and shine on camera when you’re nervous and flustered, which in the end just exacerbates the problem.

There are some things you can do to look great on camera and communicate to your audience in a clear and concise fashion. Be energetic, stay on topic, smile and appear approachable, look into the camera as if you were speaking directly to someone, be concise, and dress appropriately.

Try to be energetic whenever you’re on camera. Yes, it’s true the camera accentuates everything. Therefore, if you’re nervous, intimidated or seem like you just don’t want to be there, it will definitely look worse when you’re on camera. That’s why you need to be energetic whenever you’re on camera. For instance, make sure you enunciate and speak clearly. If you’re feeling nervous, channel those feelings into something positive whenever you’re on camera and your audience will see it.

Don’t stray away from the topic. Before going on camera, make sure your thoughts are clearly organized and maybe make notes, and even have someone holding cue cards behind the camera. Think of the main point you want to speak about then summarize it into the major concepts you need to talk about. Don’t use excessive jargon or technical terms, and if you need to make sure to define them as necessary. You need to find a way to captivate your audience with your topic, so don’t stray away and keep it simple.

Try smiling whenever you’re on camera to project your calm and composed personality. If you feel irritated, bored or distracted, your viewers will see it too. It’s prudent to practice speaking in front of the mirror before going on the camera. Here, you can look at yourself as you speak to see what your viewers will see.

Look into the camera directly. In most situations, speakers usually look at the entire audience to engage them effectively. However, if you do this while on camera, it would appear quite insane. That’s why you need to look at the camera directly and keep a steady gaze. It might be uncomfortable at first but you can always picture your audience and imagine you’re speaking to them directly.

Make sure your audience knows what you’re talking about immediately. Long introductions will distract people from what they are actually supposed to hear rather than focusing on it. Use a snappy introduction to grab your viewers’ attention and keep it.

Dress appropriately if you’re going to be on camera. Did you know that most people focus on what you’re wearing first before catching onto the message? Therefore, if you’re wearing something distracting, that’s what they will remember rather than your message. Choose the right dress or suit for your presence on camera to prevent your audience from being distracted.

Making a video and remaining engaging while on camera can be incredibly stressful, and difficult for someone not familiar with the process. Let the experts at NYB Media help assist you in making an amazing, engaging video.