Ever heard of a whiteboard animation video? It is an effective way to take your brand or idea places. However, a whiteboard animation video has its limitations. It really is as good as its creators. If the team is talented, the animation is par excellence. If not, the low-quality really shows.
You need to be equipped with graphic visualization skills; have excellent illustration skills; know how to develop a strong script that tells the story effortlessly; employ a good voice over and have intensive knowledge of digital tools. The images need to flow effortlessly, aligned with the script. With the range of sophisticated animation tools these days and a media-savvy audience, it is important to have the edge to be a success. Finally the audio, voice over, illustrations, and music need to be well edited to fit into the proposed time frame, and lead to an effective CTA.
Sounds complex? Yes, it is. Now, with a digitized whiteboard, images can be 2D as well. You can add special effects to bring the characters to life. The potential is vast, in the right hands. On the flip side, although the tool has evolved, not many have the skill to put it to good use. If your video is weak, your metrics will be weak too, falling short of your marketing objectives.
NYB Media, an award winning video production and design agency in Toronto, offers a few valuable suggestions to make your whiteboard video animation simpler and more effective.

How to Create An Effective Whiteboard Animation Video

  • Know Your Audience: The first thing you need to remember is that your audience is not a collective whole with similar mindsets. Each viewer has interests of his own. For some, visual skills are stronger. For others, auditory reception is better. You need to adopt a storytelling approach that captures the attention of both types.
  • Keep it Simple: If you are unsure, keep things simple. Simplicity conveys a message more powerfully than complex ideas that fail to connect with the audience. For B2B videos, simply break down the complex information into simple formats that can be digested easily.
  • Digital Whiteboard Video: As technology develops, so does animation techniques. Earlier, the artist drew images on a whiteboard and recorded on a camera to create an animation video. With digital whiteboards, you can take your story to another level. If you are unsure about the process, we advise you to hire whiteboard video production professionals to meet your objectives.

Important Elements of Whiteboard Videos

Traditionally, there are three important elements that help in creating a whiteboard video:

  • Drawing Skill
  • White Background
  • Interconnected Drawings

Brand Colours: The easiest way to make your drawings stand out on a white background is to use a black marker with hints of colour. Try not to go overboard on colours since you are not making a full colour video. We are talking about accentuating messages with a dash of colour. Better yet, accentuate your story with your brand colours.

Animated Brand Personas: To meet your marketing objectives, build your story around brand personas. Use them as your animated characters to represent the audience you are talking to. Your characters will take the story forward, add entertainment and empathic value that the audience can connect with and make it engaging. Brand personas add a personal touch.

Power of Emotion: Bring life to your characters by evoking emotions in them. When the characters are expressive, the audience is drawn into the story. Once they are engaged, the brand message draws home.

Educational Content: Educational content has high recall. If your audience gets the message, they remember the story. Learning experiences add value and interest.

NYB Media – Award Winning Corporate Video Production Toronto

A strong, educational script that grips the audience and gives more power to your brand is not everyone’s cup of tea. Let the experts tell the story for you to meet your business objectives smoothly.

Contact NYB Media in Toronto for a high-quality whiteboard animated video. We are an award winning video production company with a diverse portfolio, dedicated to putting our passion to good use for our clients. Our talented team combines market research with your wish-list to provide you with impactful content that is destined to give you excellent results. Call us to discuss more.