The advancements in technology and the digital marketing world have led to incredible opportunities for advertisements and marketing, especially for businesses. In this world of instant communication, one of the most effective ways businesses can reach out to their audience (prospective clients) is by using corporate video. Corporate video is a concise strategy that can increase customer leads for your businesses.
Corporate videos are all about visual communication, and can be used internally and externally in the company. Internally, they can be used for corporate newsletters and training for your employees. Externally, they can be used as marketing tools to display branding and consumer interaction.
There are five rules that come with producing a great corporate video.

1. Target the right demographic

When creating the video and the script, know who your audience is. This will help with various factors of your video such as:
– The length and pace of the video.
– How to promote your video.
– The content you plan on putting in the video.
Your demographic depends on what type of product or service you are promoting. You can market directly to your target audience by imagining the ideal client and how this product or service will be beneficial to them.
Also, make sure that your video can be optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing.

2. Be specific

In this day and age of constant communication, attention spans are very short. Make sure to get straight to the point, right away. Do not waste valuable seconds on introductory fluff. To do this, decide what message you want to communicate in your video and communicate it immediately.

This can be done by having a good branding strategy in mind, and to associate your brand with positivity, so that you can earn the trust of your audience as you communicate your message.

3. Be visual and informative

The purpose of having something being delivered in a video format is to be as visual as possible. Showcase your subject with a visible appearance of your product or service. Instead of just standing there and talking for minutes, have something to show for everything that you say. This will keep your audience focused and help you communicate things in a shorter period of time.

With that being said, visuals are very important to have in corporate videos, so make sure that the video is of a professional quality.

4. Be professional

In all aspects of the corporate world, professionalism is key. This should translate to your corporate video production as well. Doing internal videos such as video marketing and corporate newsletters is a great way to show the goals and values of your company in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

To ensure that your corporate video is professionally done, make sure that the framing of the shots, the lighting and the editing of the video are done with high quality. This attention to detail will give your audience the impression that you pay that same amount of detail to your company, and therefore adds some reputable value as well.

5. Share your video

Once the production of the corporate video is done, make sure to showcase your efforts by promoting it. Take advantage of the various social media platforms out there and share your video on your company website, via email, blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

When sharing it, make sure you are not doing it to a general audience but to the audience that you are targeting.

Corporate videos can have a lot of benefits, especially in increasing the visibility of your company which can lead to better sales and better business, so make sure to follow these five rules when creating a corporate video.