As the digital age continues to expand and advance, we at NYB Media – Photo and Video Production, understand that only one form of marketing is just not enough. You have to combine it all – hence the use of the word hybrid. Hybrid is the mix of traditional and new media to market any message needed.

We at NYB Media strive to help with any marketing needs that you or your company may need. We can offer a hybrid of services such as:

  1. Video Production
  2. Photography
  3. Animation
  4. Explainer Videos

You might have some strong online platforms set up but notice that you are not getting any traffic to the page. Hybrid media answers the question of “how are you telling people about your business?” You need a call to action that is applicable to your target audience. This is where hybrid media will help. NYB Media will help you create an effective marketing strategy that will drive any prospective clients of your business to the message that you want to promote (whether it be a business event, a new and upcoming product, etc.).

It is essential that in order for hybrid media to be effective, you want to ensure that you using the marketing platforms correctly. You want to ensure that your traditional media is complimenting your new media, and that all marketing platforms are seamless and work with one another to promote the same message. This hybrid strategy can save a lot of time in marketing your business and reach out to a wider client base.

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