An explainer video is proven to be the most powerful way to increase audience engagement, ROI, and conversion rates. It is expected to increase online traffic by as much as 80% by 2019. A simple explainer video is an effective way to connect your brand with your audience in an engaging way.

What is an Explainer Video?

Simply put, a company video that explains its products, brand or services is an explainer video. They work well to familiarize the customer with new introductions, added products or services. The video usually sits on the homepage of a website or is posted on social media sites.

Look at the numbers on how it helps you grow your business:

  • An explainer video is known to help businesses grow revenue 49% faster than those without one, thanks to social shares leading to web traffic.
  • Social shares are known to generate 1,200% more than text-heavy posts and images combined.
  • 70% of businesses say that their explainer videos have led to more conversions than any other content, traditional or digital media.
  • Videos hit home with diverse demographics.
  • Youngsters between 18-24 years of age make up 90% of web video users.
  • 59% of C-suite executives prefer watching videos than reading text.
  • 50% e-commerce consumers purchase products after watching a video of the product.

However, the way you present your video makes a difference in the retention rate. When messages are short and simple, they drive home the message better. Excessive information can fall on deaf ears. Precise words with strong visuals can facilitate up to 50% more retention. Below we explain why.

Why Explainer Videos Should be Two Minutes or Less?

In today’s visually dominated world, the average attention span of readers is not more than a fleeting eight seconds. Although explainer videos are easy to produce, it is challenging to wrap up key points in just eight seconds, but there is no mistaking its power. Dropbox developed just one explainer video to talk about its services. The video garnered 750,000 views in the first month. There were thousands of sign ups and 10% increase in conversion rates in a single day.

What is the ideal length of an explainer video?

Experts say that explainer videos should ideally not exceed 60-90 seconds, but it is important to get them right the first time. If a message does not make an impact at the outset, the company will have a hard time wooing the audience back. In today’s fast paced virtual world where the audience is overfed with information, once they arrow misses its mark, it’s hard to re-strategize, recreate and reclaim them back. Recreating also takes up a lot of time and money.

  • The Script is Key: Make sure the script fits the creative brief without beating around the bush. Hook the audience in not more than 150 words per minute, as per the industry rule. Make sure the words breathe easy for the message to sink in.
  • Elevator Pitch: Explain the product or service in a sentence or two, succinctly.
  • Target Audience: Your product will interest only the users it is intended for. Make sure your explainer video is aimed at the primary target audience or it will miss its mark.
  • Highlight Points: Identify three key benefits and build the story around them. Mentioning too many things at once will sound too complex for the audience. Talk about user benefits and instead of technical details.
  • Tone and Style: A patronizing or formal tone and style sounds dull and disinteresting. Adopt a friendly, humorous approach. Ensure the voice over is professional.
  • CTA: Include a call-to-action at the end of the video to give consumers a good reason to visit your website. This is what will drive conversions and ROI.

NYB Media – Award Winning Corporate Video Production Toronto

Creating an effective explainer video is easier said than done. Even if you spend days and weeks brainstorming, it is challenging to get it right if you don’t have the skills, insights or creative expertise.

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