Now instead of having users navigate the company website, and having to click elsewhere for more information on certain things, online video is now a great way to glean some information. It provides the advantage of taking less time to engage the user, and can include an embedded call to action.

Nowadays, it is important to establish a more personal connection with the consumer because they want to have a chance to give feedback, and feel more involved in the brand, which is a key element to establishing trust.

Here are several of the ways to build trust for your brand:

  • Content: this is the most prioritized way to build trust with potential clients. When you create thought provoking content, you are building a bridge between your brand and the consumer to help sell your products and services.
  • Storytelling: the stories that you tell about your company is technically the only thing that differs you from your competitors. You want to give your consumers the chance to tell your story, and you can do this, not by giving them mission statements, but by addressing the consumer directly.
  • Transparency: in order to build trust in your brand, you must have video that is clear and has meaningful content. Consumers want to know how you changed someone’s life with your products and services.

Here are some corporate video examples that can help establish trust in your brand.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos are a great way to help reinforce an existing relationship in two ways:

  1. By having your business appreciating its customers.
  2. By the customers themselves expressing what they like about your brand.

This is a great way for your company to showcase their own praise without giving the praise themselves. Other consumers will trust the customer giving a great review of your organization and therefore will trust your brand.

Product Reviews

Product reviews, especially those that are produced by a third party (such as a customer) is a great way to build trust in your brand. This is great because if the reviews are done by a third party, versus someone in your company, it is done by more impartial means – thus making you seem more credible in the eyes of your consumers.

The Corporate Story

The purpose behind a corporate story video is to tell consumers about the history of your company/brand, as well as the values and ethics behind it. You can add a more personal touch such as explaining how the idea of the company came to be, while also incorporating your overall mission/company statement. This will give your viewers an inside look on the workings of the company, and if the video is transparent enough, it will establish a measure of trust between the viewer and the brand.

Interactive Videos

In this day and age, the hardest part in getting a consumer to interact is engaging them with the content to begin with. A great way to do this is to create videos with a functional element. For example, if your business is a part of the fashion industry, you can better display a clothing item by displaying it through a live video of a model wearing it.

These are many of the various reasons why using corporate video such as testimonials, product reviews, corporate stories and interactive elements can help establish consumer trust in your brand. Contact NYB Media today to find out how you can create top quality corporate videos!