In an age where competition is more cutthroat than ever, one of the most valuable assets an organization can have is its brand. However, companies are increasingly coming under scrutiny for the ‘softer’ aspects of their operations – such as their attitude towards the environment, their core values, and their mission. All of these issues should be addressed in a company’s literature and corporate videos. One issue stands out in particular nowadays – what is your company’s attitude towards diversity?

What Are Corporate Videos For?

Corporate videos serve a variety of functions. They are used during celebrations of milestones and achievements of both individuals and the company itself. They can be used internally to boost morale or to foster a certain attitude or belief. A corporate video can and should be used to promote and celebrate diversity.

Diversity Is Highly Valued

Shifting beliefs and values are at the heart of the movement for diversity in the workplace. Diversity not only promotes respect, inclusion, and understanding (all great things for a corporate environment) – it also appeals to a larger, more diverse customer base. In order to be successful, modern companies must adapt to this new landscape.

A corporate video promoting diversity makes a lot of sense, particularly for companies in culturally diverse cities (such as Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver). If your company is in a city full of diverse peoples, you’re going to want a corporate video that reflects the audience it’s being marketed to.

Diverse Corporate Culture Attracts Top Talent

A corporate video acts as a vehicle for attracting top talent and top talent comes from all places. Potential employees view companies that embrace diversity as being more modern, open, flexible, and creative. Showcasing your company’s diversity with a corporate video is a smart way to send a message about who you are to potential team members.

A corporate video can also be used in external marketing (e.g. a presentation to new investors). In a diverse marketplace, a company that can project itself as welcoming, open-minded, and diverse can send a strong message about its corporate culture and attitude. This message can motivate potential clients to sign on with that company.

NYB Media Specializes In Producing Corporate Videos

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