One of the best ways to send a message and wake up your intended audience is with a video. At one time corporations were limited to communications within the company or for television broadcast. With the internet at our disposal, and social media offering an incredible opportunity for widespread viewing, corporate video can be the single most successful way to get your name into households across the world. NYB Media can offer you a great finished product for corporate video production in the Toronto area that will skyrocket awareness for what you do and what you can offer. It used to be that creating video type advertising for corporations was limited due to high expenses.

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With the cost of HD cameras at a more affordable rate and with rising ability to both host and distribute videos online, there has been a surge in production of this type of content. Using video online can create a huge rise in traffic to your website and engage your targeted audience. This is a great way to impart a large amount of information into only a few minutes of time for your viewers. Many people that won’t read large paragraphs outlining how your business can serve them will certainly watch a 2-minute video telling them the same information. A corporate video also gives you the chance to entertain your audience and capture their attention through the use of beautiful landscapes, interesting faces that can seem to look them directly in the eye, and even with the use of humour.

Since typically a corporate video is intended for a specific audience and not for the general public, you can streamline your content to focus on exactly the information you want to relay. A video for customers will be a far cry from one in which you are educating your stakeholders, for example, but a video equally caters to both parties. They’re an excellent and efficient way to train employees or to create a means to promote a new line or service that you might offer. With safety awareness on the rise, this is the perfect venue to highlight safety features that your company endorses, safe work habits, and specific safety training practises and equipment available to your employees. The uses and applications of corporate videos are endless!

Although it might not be your immediate intent, a video can travel and reach far further than you’d ever imagined. An entertaining and well executed video with content that makes the audience sit up and listen can end up getting unbelievable attention through uploads on YouTube or other types of social media. Your company name and brand may garner more attention through this type of media then in any other way that you can imagine. Companies have experienced millions of hits from inadvertent attention through a well designed and though out video. If you are seeking a video production company in Toronto, let us show you how a professional team can take your content and turn it into a video that your target audience will remember.

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