NYB Media is proud to announce our involvement in Canadian Tire’s award-winning 2016 Rio Olympics campaign videos! We are honoured to have our corporate video production efforts be a part of such a successful campaign, and we’d like to thank every last individual that made it possible. We look forward to continuing to be one of the most trusted corporate video production companies in Toronto, and we are excited to see what the future holds. With a Clio Sports Silver Award, an Epica 2016 Silver Award, and a North American Effie Award, this campaign has been remarkably successful and we hope its message has been heard loud and clear!

Clio Sports Silver Award
“We All Play for Canada” is Canadian Tire’s 2016 Rio Olympic Games campaign, and NYB Media is excited to announce that our involvement in the campaign has contributed to it winning a Clio Sports Silver award! Since 2014, Clio Sports has been honouring the best in sports marketing and advertising, looking at entries from around the world. “We All Play for Canada” is just one of the numerous excellent marketing campaigns that have won awards this year. NYB Media is proud to have been the video production company behind the campaign’s video content, and we look forward to the ceremony later this month!

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Epica 2016 Silver Award
Being the corporate video production company behind Canadian Tire and Cleansheet Communications’ video “Impressions of Play” was a great opportunity and a rousing accomplishment for NYB Media. We are happy to report that the hard work that went into the video has resulted in an Epica 2016 Silver Award! The Epica Awards aim to reward creativity in the advertising, design, media, digital, and PR industries in order to help organizations and companies involved with winning projects to gain more exposure and boost their reputation.
“Impressions of Play” is a part of Canadian Tire’s campaign to commemorate the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and involved 8 Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes creating unique impressions of their sports using red paint. This combination of art and sport was used to create a truly unique maple leaf, which now stands as a testament to the pride we feel as a nation as our athletes compete on the world stage.


North American Effie Award
The North American Effie Awards celebrate the year’s best marketing efforts in Canada and the USA. After two rounds of judging, the “Step Up Stand Tall” Canadian Tire 2016 Rio Olympics campaign has been selected as one of two winning entries in the Olympics marketing category for the 2017 North American Effie Awards. The three award levels- gold, silver, and bronze- will be announced and the awards presented at the 2017 North American Effie Awards Gala on June 1st, 2017 in New York City.
“Step Up Stand Tall” is all about coming together as Canadians in support of our athletes, and understanding that we make greatness happen together. NYB Media is looking forward to the ceremony in June and we’d once again like to thank and congratulate everyone involved in this truly inspiring campaign!


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