When it comes to advertising for your business, the method can make the difference between tossing money out the door and having an effective process by which you see customers in a steady stream.  A corporate video production is a great tool that you can use to increase sales and get your message across in a reliable and entertaining way that will capture your intended audience’s attention.

A promotional company video can give watchers an idea about what your company does and can offer them.  It can give your customers a look at the company history; let them know the ethical stance your business takes, and a quick peek at your services or products.

The whole purpose of an advertisement is to draw new business and to retain customers for repeat purchases and to increase sales and revenue.  A poster or radio advertisement is great, but it only offers to address limited senses; with posters, it’s the visual appeal, but there’s nothing that grabs the customer’s attention as far as audio goes.  A poster might be passed by without a customer even noticing.  With radio, the customer is limited to audio only, and it becomes harder in this way to grab attention.  Many times we listen to the radio only distractedly, more as a white background noise.  With corporate video, you widen your ability to meet customers on several levels and give them moving visuals to further promote your service or product.  You can offer them a friendly face to describe your ability to meet the customer’s needs and evoke feelings of empathy, joy or desire.

Another benefit to corporate video is that your advertisement can reach multitudes of viewers in many different ways.  The internet is a tool used by billions of people, and videos are easily watched and shared by anyone.  You don’t have to be in a specific location to access the video’s information, as we have the ability to log on to the internet from school, work, home, and even when we’re travelling.  Your video can be accessed right from your company website, but also from a number of different media sources.  The beauty is, your viewers can be a great form of free advertising for your company each and every time they share the video.

When you advertise, you need to get a lot of information across in as little time as possible.  No customer wants to read pages of advertising, and our attention spans tend to be very short.  With a video, you can quickly offer the details that are most crucial to gaining that customer’s attention and hold them for the 30 seconds or 1 minute that will be the length of your advertisement.  Most people are used to a lifestyle of fairly immediate gratification, and won’t take the time from their day to give brochures more than a perusal for key points.  With a video, all of your information is quickly given, and can be as formal or as informal as you think your target audience will appreciate.


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