In this day and age of digital technologies and communications, all different types of content gets thrown at us 24/7 via computer, cell phone, tablet and more. This is a great way to consume information, but with the amount of content being thrown at us, it is also a way to easily forget information. Unless the information that is being presented is marketed in a unique way, most people will not retain it.

The same applies to corporate newsletters. Most corporate newsletters consist of long paragraphs and not much else. Not exactly visually stimulating or appealing to read. As the years go on, it is easy to see that the percentage of young employees in the workplace is increasing – and they are used to being bombarded with content through all forms of social media. Therefore a traditional newsletter might not be enough to reach out to younger employees.

So what can you do to increase employee engagement and to keep them informed? Try a corporate video newsletter! Here are some of the reasons why corporate video newsletters are important.

Visual Learning

There are different ways to learn things, one of them is through visual stimuli. Some people are better at learning visually than through the text. Most people will better retain information by seeing and hearing it rather than simply reading it.

By switching to the more visual medium like a video newsletter, you can be confident in knowing that any messages to your company are being listened to and understood, rather than being discarded as another long piece of text that no one wants to read.

Attention Spans

It has been realized that younger employees likely have a shorter attention span. This makes visual newsletters easier for them to retain larger amounts of information in a shorter period of time than it takes for them to read a text newsletter.

More Information

Because video newsletters usually consist of someone speaking, it is a great way to convey more information in a shorter amount of time. It may take a longer time to compile a video newsletter versus a typed newsletter, but the benefits reaped from it are long term.

Less Misinterpretation

Simply, video newsletters means that there is less room for information to be misinterpreted. Many employees sometimes do not read written updates, and instead hear those updates (perhaps falsely) through other colleagues or even the media. This makes it easy for false rumors or any mixed messages to spread. In video newsletters, the subject in it can truthfully answer any questions regarding company events, updates and/or callouts.

Natural Engagement

A well-crafted corporate video newsletter will be naturally engaging and can also allow for more of a personal connection between the subject and the employees that the video addresses. By creating a video with sounds, music and more, you can ensure that your employees are absorbing the message that you want to put across.

Conveying content is a necessity in this age of new media and technologies, so it’s important to make sure that your content is getting received and retained by your target audience.