A corporate video is one of the best ways to convey information in a captivating way, whether your target audience is a potential or loyal customer, staff, or management. It can grab attention in a manner that other forms of advertisement simply cannot do, but if your corporate video isn’t mobile friendly, you may miss several opportunities and risk having your message fall short of its intended audience.
The next time you’re out in a public place, take a quick look around. Do a quick tally of how many people are absorbed in their phones; you’ll probably be surprised at the number of pedestrians, shoppers and restaurant goers who are seemingly attached to their screens. Not many will have taken their laptops or tablets since most applications can be easily used on their much smaller smart phones. It’s far more convenient to find something with a swipe of your finger on a device that can be then quickly and easily tucked back into your pocket.
It’s definitely a great idea to have your corporate videos posted on social media. Those who are looking for a service or product like yours will be far more likely to see it online than through any other form of advertising. They’re also far more likely to be completely taken in by your video if their audio, visual and even emotional senses are tapped. A billboard or poster simply can’t compete with the way that a video can engage your potential customers. Since most people these days own not only a home computer (and more likely a tablet or laptop), but also a smart phone, it just makes sense that your video should be capable of being viewed on any device through which your intended audience finds you.
If a customer wants to share a video, most often this too is accomplished via a smart phone. Sharing videos and other information is done millions of times a day; if your corporate video can be shared with others via a smart phone, you’re tapping into a very large advertising resource. Think about it. A client views your video, and then heads out on errands. A friend texts about where to find your product or service, and your viewer attempts to share the information on the phone that they always have at their side. Frustrated at the inability of the phone to share the video, they decide to send it “later” from their home computer…and you’ve just lost at least half of the business you could have acquired. Most often the friend will have already found another company who will happily take their business, and your viewer has long forgotten about the video before they even get back home or to the office.
Using the technology available to you just plain makes good sense. A company must keep up with the times or be left behind, and tapping into smart phone technology can give a company the edge it needs to attract and retain a solid customer base with the potential for exponential growth.