Corporate video production can be a great way to effectively communicate your business, products, and services to the public at large.  There are a variety of reasons why it benefits a company to use this route instead of the alternatives.  It’s a fast paced world, and companies are striving to keep up by reaching customers in new and effective ways.

With the use of a video there’s an opportunity to grab a potential customer’s attention not just visually, but also through sound and emotion.  The images and sounds you choose to portray can have a great effect on a customer’s decision making process.  The more senses you can reach out and capture, the more opportunity your business has to grab attention.  This is also a great way to reach customers on a more personal level; there’s a human face and voice instead of only a picture or information.  By seeing a human being who embodies the company, a customer feels more of a connection.

A video can convey a large amount of information over a very short period of time.  Typically with more traditional advertising, the script needs to be short and sweet, as a customer isn’t going to stand and read signage for 5 minutes.  Many people, however, have no problem being entirely engrossed in a video for that long.  Sometimes a company has a website that gets too caught up in explanations and runs paragraphs of information that the consumer just isn’t interested in.  A video can give the same information in a more eye catching way.

The majority of your customer base is plugged in.  Online searches are one of the main ways a customer will find what they’re looking for, be it a service or a product.  If your competition is using videos on the internet as a way to lead audiences to their door, you don’t want to be left behind in the technological push for advertising.   Videos are shared easily and with a dizzying frequency, meaning your corporate video could be the ticket to increasing profits at a far faster rate than any other type you’ve used.  If a customer likes what they see, or has had a good experience with your company, they are able to share and post a link to your website on social media, which gives your video even more exposure.  It’s like a technology inspired word of mouth method of advertising.  A business can also easily post the video in a variety of places online; on a company Facebook page, a YouTube site, on their website, Instagram, or even in an email or newsletter.

Corporate videos can be tracked and it’s very easy to see how well this type of advertising is doing for the company.  It’s also simple to locate and find this data.  Each time your video is viewed and shared, this data will show on your website and can be tracked to ensure that the method is working well for you.


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