In spite of being somebody from a corporate video production company in Toronto, I am always kind of jittery when it comes to the corporate photo shoot. Sure, there are things that we as a video production company know that are prerequisites for a good picture. Yet many times it can be quite challenging to get the right kind of pictures. If you are wondering what it takes to perfectly photograph a corporate event, keep reading below!

Deciding on angles

Perform a trial run before the actual event begins and decide where can you snap the best pictures in terms of background and lighting. Try to get the delegates to gather at a good spot with ample light. Try incorporating the company logo in the backdrop to make it formal. It is a great idea to get the schedule of the event ahead of time and ask the client to let you know if there are any important they want to highlight.

Dress well

You would think that as a photographer you can just throw baggy jeans and a Tee to capture a corporate event because you are not really going to be a part of it. Wrong. Dressing in a formal style to normal events makes the client feel that you take them and their event seriously. Make sure to dress formally or in smart casuals to fit in well in the crowd. Another aspect to this is that attendees in the event can be more comfortable, interacting with you if you are dressed appropriately.

Choice of lens

It is better to carry both long and short zoom lens. At a live event, you need to quickly capture moments and if you aren’t ready or cannot adjust quickly, you are likely to miss the moment altogether. Know what settings to have and how to adjust them quickly. Use a wide aperture to capture the main speaker and have a faster shutter speed. For group shots make sure that aperture is small enough that depth of field does not put anyone out of focus in the field of vision. This could typically be about 5.6 or more.

Request to be photographed

It can be annoying to be photographed without asking for permission. If you want to take a picture of an individual or a group, ask if you may and only then proceed once they give their consent.

Avoid eating shots

No one likes a picture of themselves with food stuffed in their mouth or a pout when they are sipping their coffee. Make sure to avoid taking too many eating shots. Instead, you can opt for a group picture where every one of holding plates or cup in their hand and chatting in a group.

Prompt delivery

Once the event pictures are done, make sure to deliver them promptly. In the age of social media, clients are more than eager to post their pictures and updates on social media platforms on a real-time basis. Ideally, you must be able to deliver the digital copies the same or next day so that the event is still fresh and relevant.

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