Explainer videos are essential for getting your brand message out there. You could get by with graphics and text alone, but a video draws people in and tells them your company’s story in a shorter amount of time. There are so many types of videos you could make that it can be overwhelming to decide which ones your company needs. Here is a list of videos every business should have and where to display them.


The most basic and necessary video is the ‘about’ video. It tells prospective clients who you are and what your company does. They give you facetime with a lead and will most likely be the first point of contact between your customers and your company. You should show potential clients how much passion your CEO has and highlight the workday of an employee. A well-executed about video will showcase the heartbeat of your company, and that could be the difference between a client picking you over your competition.

You should put an ‘about’ video on your most visited website page that talks about your company. It can also go up on your YouTube channel, but you should avoid putting it on your Facebook or Instagram since viewers prefer short videos on those platforms.

Product Demos

If your website gets a lot of visits but not a lot of conversions, it might benefit from a product demo video. It can better resonate with potential clients quickly show how your products or service is a solution to their problem. A product demo prevents customers from feeling pressured to buy your product. They can start or stop your video whenever they want without waiting for an answer on the other end.

This type of video is best on your homepage where it will reach the highest number of visitors. You should not use this video as a way to show off your product, though. It can come off too long or cause information overload. It is better to think of it as a way to draw potential clients in.


In this context, a novel video is one that shows off a unique but specific part of your company. They tell a more targeted audience a story to reel in people who are less familiar with your product or service. It can make your company look trendy if done well.

These videos are not well-suited for websites and should instead appear on social networking mediums. Having these videos shared on social media can make a huge impact on your following. You should also put links to your website in the description of the video instead of the video itself so that it does not feel like a sales pitch.

These are just a few videos you should consider when putting together a digital marketing campaign for your brand. NYB media can help you produce high-quality videos for your brands that are sure to draw potential customers to your business. Call us today to see how our skills can help improve your brand reach.