How long should your Corporate Video be?

Corporate videos are one of the best tools you can utilize as a company; they are excellent ways to inform both current and future employees as well as current and future customers or clients about everything that is going on in your company both in the present and in...

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Types of Corporate Videos

YouTube videos are no longer just used for entertainment purposes only. Now the idea of videos alone is becoming a part of a serious marketing tactic for the corporate world. Video and video sharing is a lucrative social network and is one of the most effective ways...

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The most popular Corporate Video Themes

When making your corporate video, there is a lot to consider. So many things go into a successful corporate video, and trying to figure it all out can no doubt be a daunting task. One of the most important decisions you’ll be likely to make concerning your corporate...

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Why your Corporate Video should be Mobile-friendly

A corporate video is one of the best ways to convey information in a captivating way, whether your target audience is a potential or loyal customer, staff, or management. It can grab attention in a manner that other forms of advertisement simply cannot do, but if your...

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At NYB Media, we strive to do more than just the standard video-by-commission. As we discussed in our last blog, a video is more than just something you slap together. Instead, it should be a perfect summary and encapsulation of who you are, what you do, and your...

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Corporate video production can be a great way to effectively communicate your business, products, and services to the public at large.  There are a variety of reasons why it benefits a company to use this route instead of the alternatives.  It’s a fast paced world,...

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